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How Black Friday Social Data Predicts Stock Performance

November 21, 2018

Black Friday and Cyber Monday -- this upcoming weekend is the one that "sets the tone" for holiday shopping.  It can make or break a retailer's 4th quarter, and possibly their entire year.

Here's how LikeFolio Consumer Purchase Intent Data can help you instantly understand what's going on on Main Street... before it becomes news on Wall Street.

Reserve Your Free Black Friday Report

Spotting Trends On Main Street...

Best Buy is the poster child for Black Friday shopping.  They run big specials and generally attract a much larger crowd to their stores than usual.

When we look at the LikeFolio Research Dashboard, we can clearly see how impactful these Black Friday weekend spikes are:

More importantly, we can see the change in purchase intent mentions on a year over year basis -- the TREND.  LikeFolio members are able to see these spikes as they occur, giving us real time insights into how the company performed over a critical time period. 

By November 27th, the first trading day after the Black Friday weekend, it was crystal clear that Best Buy had put up a phenomenal weekend:

 2017 Black Friday weekend was huge for Best Buy -- dwarfing its prior year performance.

...Before It Becomes News On Wall St

Here's how Best Buy Stock performed over the two months following LikeFolio's Purchase Intent Data signaling that the company was about to have an enormous holiday quarter:

Chart from our friends at thinkorswim

THAT is the power of social data.

 Free Black Friday Weekend Report

Next week we will be publishing a free repot breaking down several key trends and opportunities we see after looking at LikeFolio data from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend.  Don't miss it!

Reserve Your Free Black Friday Report

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