Celsius (CELH) is popping up everywhere…

June 23, 2023

Picture this.

You bring your car in for inspection. $3,000 in repairs needed to pass. Time to get a new car.

You’re stuck at a dealership for over 2 hours with 2 young children in tote. Negotiations finally complete, the salesman hands you they keys — and a cold can of Celsius Sparkling Lemon-Lime. Wow, what a refreshing surprise after a long day!

This is exactly what happened to my colleague’s sister on Wednesday.

I’ve heard of free oil changes and car washes. Even the token hot dog and Coke. But this was something else — a simple gesture that humanized the daunting car-buying experience. A nice touch from a man named Shah at a Kia dealer in Northern Virginia.

More importantly, it’s an anecdote that reflects the rising popularity of better-for-you Celsius energy drinks. Not just for fitness buffs anymore, the healthy energy alternative is going mainstream — and gaining momentum.

Brand Awareness Bubbles to a New High

LikeFolio Total Mentions for CELH have nearly tripled YoY on a 90-day average. With one week still left in Q2, they have already smashed last quarter’s record high.

We’re not surprised to see CELH’s data strengthen and its share price climb to new heights this month. Our proprietary CELH consumer demand and sentiment data has consistently outperformed that of industry peers. The correlated 3-year sales growth track record speaks for itself.

In 1Q23, revenue jumped 95% and EPS soared 344% YoY. CELH doubled its market share solidifying its position as the nation’s #3 energy drink. It is the 2nd best selling energy drink on Amazon.com — well ahead of Red Bull and on the heels of Monster.

Pepsi Distribution is Proving to be a Huge Deal

Much of the recent surge can be attributed to CELH’s deal with Pepsi. Hooking up to the Pepsi network has increased distribution points and therefore consumer access. Even better news — integration with Pepsi’s system is still in the early stages.

Since the Celsius-Pepsi distribution went into effect August 1st, 2022, CELH Purchase Intent is up more than 50%.

Call it ‘The Pepsi Effect’.

A Unique Food Shopping Experience

Social media is buzzing about Celsius beverages because they give them the healthy buzz they need to get through a tough workout or a long workday.

As energy drink shelves get more crowded, unique flavors and a sugar free pick-me-up are proving to be a winning formula — even at a higher price point.

In a challenging economic backdrop, the resilient brand is behaving like ‘the luxury clothes of the beverage industry’. Consumers aren’t batting an eye when it comes to paying a bit more up for a healthier alternative to Monster and Red Bull.

As long-time subscribers can attest to, we are a bit obsessed with this company. And for good reason:

  • On May 18, 2020: We added CELH to our coverage with a Bullish rating when shares were below $6. CELH skyrocketed as much as 904%.
  • April 14, 2021: We doubled down with a bullish Opportunity Alert when the stock slipped below $60. CELH gained as much as 87%.
  • January 24, 2022: We tripled down with another bullish Alert when the stock dipped below $50. CELH ran as much as 147%.
  • February 27, 2023: We quadrupled down with yet another Alert when it went under $100. CELH is up 63% since then — and trading near a $150.35 all-time high.

Even with this incredible success, we remain bullish on CELH long-term.

Bottom line: CELH continues to carve out a winning niche in the fast-growing energy drink space. The company has found a sweet spot at the crossroads of health, taste, and functionality. Created as a brand for exercise enthusiasts, Celsius is increasingly finding its way into new walks of life.

Heck, if car dealers are handing this stuff out, who knows what’s next.

Probably more amazing financial results.

Can’t wait to see the Q2 report.

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