eBay, on the Comeback Trail?

February 23, 2022

eBay... It feels like the company could have been so much more.

Of course, it's still a significant player in the online marketplace industry and is one of the most popular choices for listing and selling items quickly.

However, as other companies such as Amazon and Etsy gained prominence, eBay drifted further into the shadows.

Now, that doesn't mean it is dwindling, just that the size of its marketplaces are a small fraction of Amazon's.

In 2021, eBay had 182 million users, while Amazon Prime alone had over 200 million subscribers.

It seems almost impossible that eBay will ever catch up to Amazon's dominance now, but there has been a slight change in consumer behavior in the last month or two.

When we last wrote about eBay, its Purchase Intent mentions and Happiness score were severely lagging.

But now...

While its Happiness score still has a little way to go before catching up to its competitors, it has always been stable at around 65%.

However, when it comes to Purchase Intent, eBay is now leading Etsy for the current quarter, a +12% change QoQ.

One reason for this may be the company capitalizing on the NFT boom, allowing them to be sold on the platform.

Overall Mentions are also up, trending +13% and estimated to have increased 20% at the end of the current quarter. eBay is set to report earnings after the bell. The rise we have seen may not translate in the last quarter report, but eBay's guidance and LikeFolio data will make for interesting reading over the next few months.

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