Polaris off-road vehicle demand is ramping

January 25, 2021

Polaris (PII)

Polaris has reported greater-than-anticipated demand for its powersports products (ORVs, Snowmobiles, Motorcycles) in the past two quarters.

We called this ahead of earnings.

LikeFolio data shows continued growth in the Powersports segment.

On Christmas/Christmas Eve 2020, Purchase Intent mentions increased +41% YoY, driven by demand for Slingshot, RZR, and Ranger ORVs (off-road vehicles).

consumer demand polaris holiday shopping dates

Last quarter (20Q3), LikeFolio recorded comprehensive Polaris Purchase Intent +10% YoY, in lockstep with what the company reported (rev: +10% YoY).

Demand levels recorded in 20Q4 exceeded the previous rate of growth, increasing +19% YoY. (It is helpful to consider the seasonality present when evaluating QoQ moves.)

It's clear to us this name is continuing to benefit from an increasing number of consumers looking to get outside and find alternative sources of fun.

GameStop (GME)

Two weeks ago, we put out a note highlighting GameStop’s (GME) impressive 20Q4 demand growth. Although the data looked bullish at the time, we’ll readily admit that we didn’t foresee what happened next.
GME shares are in the midst of an epic short squeeze that began last Friday, trading as high as +800% YTD this morning.
With the price fluctuating by 40-50 point every hour, we’re officially...

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