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Can Artificial Intelligence really replace humans?

December 9, 2022

Henry Ford was right – automation is key.

In business, and in life in general.

Automation -- and the technology driving it – gives us efficiency, scale, and valuable time.

This morning I grabbed a piping hot cup of dark roast with a splash of coconut (just how I like it) in less than 2 minutes…thanks to a sophisticated app and ordering system at my local coffee shop.

This is daily life.

Now, one company is taking it a step further.

ChatGPT rocked the LikeFolio charts this week.

Our system logged hundreds of thousands of mentions from consumers checking out the artificial intelligence bot that is…dare we say, creative?

We asked the bot to take a stab at the LikeFolio Christmas card…

Not too bad!

The bot even proved prophetic at times, laying out its own vision of the AI future as it relates to consumer research…

It’s no wonder the platform amassed more than 1 million users in 5 days. (Read the full thread here).

The main question at the top of my mind: Can AI really replace humans?

Still too early to tell – but the potential applications are incredible, and we will definitely be tracking as the technology progresses. The potential disruption effect could be enormous…and so could the opportunities created for investors.

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