United and American – We’re Just Not There Yet…

April 20, 2022

United Airlines and American Airlines are reporting this week (UAL on Wednesday after market close, and AAL Thursday before market open). 

And with travel recovery said to be in full swing, shareholders are likely expecting positive numbers…

While demand is continuing to rebound, all major airlines are struggling with consumer happiness levels.

United Air's Consumer Happiness is currently sitting at 50%, while American Airlines' Happiness comes in at an underwhelming 39% positive. 

Aside from staffing shortages and mask mandates, jet fuel prices are skyrocketing.

And rising fuel costs result in pricier plane tickets for consumers:

Consumer Mentions of rising flight prices are at all-time highs in the LikeFolio universe. 

But it's not all bad news for this sector. 

On Monday, a federal judge struck down the Mask Mandate for airplanes and public transit...and (most) consumers are elated.

And like we've iterated before, travel trends are still on the rise despite major headwinds.

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